How to Drive a Golf Ball?

Driving a golf ball requires a combination of skill and technique, and it all begins with a strong stance. Having the correct posture, grip and swing are the key elements of any successful drive. If you’re looking to improve your game, here is a guide on how to drive a golf ball for impressive results. learn How to Drive a Golf Ball?


How to Drive a Golf Ball?

Getting Started

The first step in driving a golf ball is to get into the correct starting position. You should stand slightly bent at the waist with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent and arms relaxed. Make sure you maintain an athletic stance throughout your swing with your head remaining still until after impact. Having the right grip on the club is also important; this is achieved by placing your left hand on the club just below where it meets the shaft with your right hand just above it – adjusted according to what feels most comfortable. Now you can begin your backswing.

Backswing & Downswing

Your backswing should be smooth, slow and rhythmic – almost as if you were swinging a pendulum from side-to-side rather than attempting to hit hard at the ball. As you move through this motion, use your legs as much as possible for better balance and power. Once you reach 9 o’clock in your backswing, begin bringing it down towards the ball, ensuring that both hands remain together throughout this action until after impact. When coming down from the top of your swing, ensure that you keep rotating around your spine until after contact has been made with the ball (this will help create more power). Make sure that when reaching impact, you’re still in an athletic position with your head still remaining down until after contact has been made with the ball (this will help maintain accuracy).

Follow Through

Once contact has been made with the ball, continue moving through as though you were trying to hit something behind it – allowing momentum to take over naturally while keeping in mind proper form (elbows close together throughout) and footwork (keep pushing off those feet!). By doing this correctly and consistently, you should see an increase in distance when driving a golf ball!


Driving a golf ball effectively can be challenging but also rewarding when done properly! By remembering these simple steps – from getting into position all the way through follow-through – anyone can become an expert driver of their own golf balls! With practice comes improvement so make sure to grab some clubs and get out there on that course today! Golfers of any skill level can benefit from improving their game so why not give it a try? Good luck out there – happy driving!

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