How to Make Bread Less Dense With Bread Machine?

If you want to make bread at home, a bread machine is the perfect tool for the job. But there’s one problem—bread made in the bread machine can often come out dense and heavy. While some people enjoy that texture, many prefer lighter, fluffier bread. Luckily, there are a few simple tricks you can use to make sure your homemade bread comes out light and airy every time. Learn How to Make Bread Less Dense With Bread Machine?

How to Make Bread Less Dense With Bread Machine?

Reduce Yeast & Increase Salt

The most common cause of dense bread is too much yeast or not enough salt. To remedy this issue, start by reducing the amount of yeast called for in your recipe by 25%. Then increase the amount of salt called for by 10%. This will help create a lighter dough that will rise more easily.

Use Milk Instead of Water

Another way to ensure your homemade bread has a better texture is to replace water with milk when making your dough. The milk adds more moisture, which helps promote better rising and creates a softer texture in your finished product. Just keep in mind that adding milk also changes the flavor of your finished loaf, so it’s best used as an occasional substitution rather than an everyday solution.

Add Vital Wheat Gluten

Vital wheat gluten (also known as “gluten flour”) is a protein supplement derived from wheat flour that can help improve the texture of your homemade bread. Adding just 1 tablespoon per cup of all-purpose flour can help create tender loaves with more structure. It also helps trap gases created by yeast during rising, which leads to larger loaves with better shape and crumb structure.


Making light and fluffy bread at home doesn’t have to be difficult! With just a few simple tricks—reducing yeast, increasing salt, swapping water for milk, and adding vital wheat gluten—you can create perfectly textured loaves every time you use your bread machine. Give these tips a try next time you bake up some delicious homemade goodness!

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