How to Measure Windows for Blinds?

When it comes to finding the perfect window treatments for your home, one key factor is measuring windows for blinds. Accurately measuring your windows will help ensure that you get the best fit possible and avoid costly mistakes. If you’re new to this process, don’t worry – it’s actually quite simple! Let’s take a look at how to measure your windows so you can find the ideal window treatments. learn How to Measure Windows for Blinds?

How to Measure Windows for Blinds?

How to Measure Windows for Blinds?

Step 1: Measure the Width of Your Window

To start, use a steel tape measure to determine the exact width of your window opening in three places – top, middle, and bottom. Make sure you measure in three different spots because windows are rarely perfectly level or symmetrical. Once you have all three measurements, take the smallest measurement and record it as your finished width size. This ensures that there is enough room between the edge of the window treatment and the frame on each side.

Step 2: Measure the Height of Your Window

Now that you know how wide your window opening is, it’s time to figure out how tall it is. Start by measuring from top left corner to top right corner (from inside edge to inside edge) and then again from bottom left corner to bottom right corner (from inside edge to inside edge). Take both measurements into account when deciding on a height size for your blinds or shades. For example, if one side measures 36 inches and another measures 35 inches, go with 35 inches as your final measurement.

Step 3: Consider Inside or Outside Mounting Options

Once you have determined both measurements (width and height), decide whether an inside mount or outside mount works best for your space. An inside mount simply means that you will be installing the window treatment within the interior frame of your window opening; an outside mount means that you will be hanging them outside of your frame in order to cover any gaps around its edges. Keep in mind that if you choose an outside mount option, make sure to add additional length onto each side/top/bottom measurement accordingly when ordering custom blinds or shades online.


Measuring windows for blinds isn’t difficult but accuracy is key! As long as you follow these steps carefully and accurately measure all four sides of your window opening, then rest assured that your new custom-made blinds or shades will fit perfectly! With properly measured windows and quality custom-made blinds or shades from Metric Marketing, you can guarantee a beautiful addition to any room in no time!

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