How to Open .pages on Windows 10?

Pages is an Apple-exclusive word processing program that allows users to create and edit documents. While the program is only available for Mac and iOS users, those who use Windows 10 can still open .pages files with a few simple steps. Read on to find out how! Learn How to Open .pages on Windows 10?

How to Open .pages on Windows 10?
How to Open .pages on Windows 10?

How to Open .pages on Windows 10?

Step 1 – Download iCloud for Windows 10 – The first step in opening .pages files on Windows 10 is downloading iCloud for Windows from the Microsoft Store. This will enable you to view your iCloud Drive contents, including any .pages files you have stored there. To do this:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store and search for “iCloud”.
  2. Click “Download” and follow the instructions provided by the store.

Step 2 – Log In to Your Apple ID Account – Once you have downloaded iCloud, you must then log in using your Apple ID account information. To do this, simply click “Sign In” and enter your Apple ID email address and password when prompted. You should now see an icon for iCloud in your system tray at the bottom right of your screen (if not, click on “Start” > “All Apps”).

Step 3 – Access Your Pages Files – From within iCloud, select “iCloud Drive” from the left-hand menu, where you will be able to access any .pages files that are stored in your iCloud drive as well as other documents and folders that are synced with your Apple ID account. If you do not see any .pages files here, try clicking “Refresh” at the top of the window or restarting your computer.

Step 4 – Convert File Format (Optional) –  If you would like to make changes or edits to a Pages file without using Pages itself, then you may need to convert it into a different format such as Word (.docx) or PDF (.pdf). To do this:

1. Right-click on the file you wish to convert and select “Open With…” from the contextual menu that appears. 2. Select either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (depending on which format you need) from the list of options presented in the pop-up window; both programs are available for free download in the Microsoft Store if they are not already installed on your computer.

3. Once opened in either Word or Acrobat Reader DC, simply save it as a new document in whichever format is needed (e.g., .docx or .pdf).


Opening .pages files on Windows 10 may seem like a daunting task but with these easy steps, anyone can do it! All you need is iCloud for Windows 10, which is available for free download in the Microsoft Store, an active Apple ID account, and either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (for converting file formats). Now that we’ve walked through how easy it is—go ahead and give it a try!

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