How to Print Screen on Windows?

Have you ever wanted to share something from your screen with others, such as an image or other content? Taking a screenshot is the best way to do this! If you’re using Windows 10, there are several ways to take a screenshot. In this blog post, we will cover how to take a screenshot and what tools are available for Windows 10 users. Learn How to Print Screen on Windows?

How to Print Screen on Windows?

How to Print Screen on Windows?

Snipping Tool:

The Snipping Tool is a pre-installed program on all versions of Windows that allows you to capture specific areas of your screen. To open the Snipping Tool, type “Snipping” in the search box and select it. Once open, you can use the Snipping Tool’s menu bar to adjust settings like time delay, shape of snip (rectangle, free-form, window or full-screen), and more. By default, the shortcut key for taking a screenshot is Alt+M but you can change this shortcut by going into the Options menu. Once you have taken your desired screenshot, click Save As and save it in your preferred location.

Print Screen/PrtScn Button:

The Print Screen button is located on your keyboard and typically shares a button with another function such as SysRq or Scroll Lock. When pressed on its own without any modifier keys (Ctrl/Alt/Shift), the PrtScn button captures an image of your entire computer screen which is then saved in the clipboard of your computer. You can paste this image into any document or program that supports images. To paste an image from the clipboard, press Ctrl + V together on your keyboard.

Game Bar:

For gamers who want to record their gameplays and share with others online, Game Bar is an easy solution right at their fingertips! All you need to do is press Win + G together on your keyboard when playing a game and Game Bar will appear overtop of the game window ready for you to use its features such as taking screenshots or recording videos during gameplay sessions. You can also customize Game Bar’s settings by going into Settings > Gaming > Captures tab where you can adjust video quality settings for recording videos as well as create custom hotkeys for quick access when gaming later on.


Taking screenshots has never been easier than it is now with all these different tools available for Windows 10 users! Whether you want something simple like capturing a rectangular area of your screen using Snipping Tool or something more advanced like recording gameplays with Game Bar—you’ll be able to find what suits your needs best! So next time you need to take a screenshot quickly and easily don’t forget these helpful tips above! Happy snipping!

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