How to Scan on Android?

Have you ever needed to quickly scan a document on the go but don’t have access to a scanner? Don’t worry, you can easily scan documents using your Android device! Whether you need to send a contract or scan an ID card, scanning documents on android devices is simple and fast. Read on to learn how to do it. Learn How to Scan on Android?

How to Scan on Android?

How to Scan on Android?

Step 1: Download a Scanning App

The first step in scanning documents is downloading an app that will let you do so. There are plenty of options available for both free and paid apps. One of the most popular ones is Adobe Scan, which allows you to easily capture images with your device’s camera and turn them into professional-quality PDF files. It also has features like auto-cropping, edge detection, and background removal that make the process even easier.

Step 2: Take a Photo of Your Document

After downloading the app, open it up and point your device’s camera at the document that you would like to scan. Make sure that there is adequate lighting and that the document is within the frame of view of the camera so that it can be properly scanned.  Once you have lined up your shot, take a photo by tapping on your device’s screen or using its physical shutter button (if available).

Step 3: Edit & Enhance Your Scanned Image

Once you have taken a photo of your document, you can use the app’s editing tools to enhance it before saving it as a PDF file. Most apps allow for basic features like cropping and rotating as well as more advanced features such as color adjustments and filters. You can also add text annotations if necessary. When finished editing, save your scanned image by tapping “Save” or “Export” in the app.


Scanning documents on Android devices doesn’t have to be complicated! With just a few easy steps, anyone can quickly scan their documents using their Android device’s camera. As long as there’s plenty of light and the document is within view of the camera lens, scanning documents with an Android device should be quick and painless! So next time you need to scan something on-the-go without lugging around physical equipment, just whip out your trusty Android phone instead!

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