How to Screen Record Ios?

With the constantly increasing popularity of online tutorials, many people are looking for ways to record their device’s screens. Whether you want to create a tutorial or just capture your favorite gaming moment, it is now possible to screen record on iOS devices. In this post, we’ll discuss how you can do so with ease. Learn How to Screen Record Ios?


How to Screen Record Ios?

Screen Recording with QuickTime Player

If you own a Mac computer and an iPhone or iPad, you can easily screen record your device’s screen directly from QuickTime Player. All that is required is a lightning cable to connect your iOS device to the Mac computer. Once connected, open up QuickTime Player and select “New Movie Recording” under the File menu. To the right of the record button in the bottom right corner of the window, there will be a small drop-down arrow; click it and select your connected iOS device from the list. Now, when you press the Record button and use your iOS device, whatever is happening onscreen will be recorded directly onto your Mac computer. This method works great for recording instructional videos or capturing gaming moments as well as any other activity that occurs on your iOS device’s screen.

Screen Recording with Third Party Apps

Another way to screen record on an iOS device without needing access to a Mac computer is by using third-party apps such as ApowerMirror or Reflector 3. These apps are designed specifically for screen mirroring and recording and make it incredibly easy to capture any activity from your mobile device that happens onscreen in real time. Simply download one of these apps onto both your mobile device and computer (Windows or Mac) then follow their instructions for connecting them wirelessly via WiFi or Bluetooth connection (for example, Reflector 3 requires users to scan a QR code). Once both devices are connected, start mirroring either through AirPlay Mirroring (on Apple devices) or Miracast (on Android devices) and begin recording!


In conclusion, there are two main methods available for recording screens on iOS devices—QuickTime Player on Mac computers or third-party apps like ApowerMirror. Both methods have their benefits and drawbacks but either way you should have no problem capturing any content that appears onscreen in real-time using either method! For those who need help getting started with screen recording their iOS devices, this post should provide all the necessary information needed in order to get started!

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