How to Screen Record on Windows 10?

Screen recording is a useful tool for creating instructional videos, capturing streaming content, or saving important information. If you’re new to screen recording, fear not—it’s easy to learn how to do it on Windows 10. Read on for an overview of the steps involved in setting up and using the built-in Windows 10 game bar. Learn How to Screen Record on Windows 10?

How to Screen Record on Windows 10?

How to Screen Record on Windows 10?

Enable Game Bar

The first step is to enable Windows 10’s built-in game bar. To do this, go to Settings > Gaming > Game Bar and toggle “Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game Bar” on. Once that’s done, launch the app or program you want to record and press Win + G simultaneously on your keyboard. This will bring up the game bar with a prompt asking if you want to open Game Bar; select Yes. You can also customize which apps are allowed access by going back into Settings > Gaming > Game Bar (under “Game Recording”).

Record Your Screen

Once the Game Bar is open, click the Start Recording button (the circle with a dot in the center) found at the upper left corner of the window. This will begin recording your screen; when you’re finished recording, press Win + Alt + R simultaneously again or click Stop Recording from within the game bar itself. Your video will be saved as an MP4 file in your Videos folder under Captures (this default location can be changed from within Settings > Gaming > Captures).

To make sure that your audio is recorded along with your video clip, make sure that both “Record audio (on/off)” and “Record microphone (on/off)” are enabled within the Game Bar menu before starting recording. Additionally, if you need finer control over what parts of your screen are captured and what isn’t captured during screen recordings, use the Select Capture Area option found within the same menu.


Screen recording is a great way to capture important content or create instructional videos quickly and easily! With just a few clicks of your mouse—or taps of your keyboard—you can begin recording any app or program running on Windows 10 right away thanks to its built-in game bar feature! Now that you know how it’s done, why not give it a try? With just some practice you’ll be able to create professional-looking video content in no time! Good luck!

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