How to Screen Share Ios 15?

iOS 15 has a ton of brand new features, and one of the most useful is the ability to share your screen with others. Whether you’re trying to show a friend how to do something on their phone or you need to give a presentation remotely, iOS 15 makes it easy. Here’s a complete guide on how to screen share with iOS 15. learn How to Screen Share Ios 15?


How to Screen Share Ios 15?

Enabling Screen Sharing

Before you can start sharing your screen, you first need to enable the feature in your settings. To do this, open up the Settings app and select “Screen Time.” From there, scroll down until you find the “Share Across Devices” option and toggle it on. Once that’s done, you should be able to share your screen with anyone who has an Apple ID that is linked with yours.

Sharing Your Screen

Once you have enabled screen sharing on your device, it’s time to actually start sharing! To do this, open up the Messages app and select a conversation with someone who is linked with your Apple ID. If they are not already connected through Messages, you will see an option at the top of the conversation window prompting them to connect. Once they have accepted, click on their name at the top of the window and select “Share My Screen With [Name].” Both parties will receive an alert asking them if they want to accept or decline; once accepted by both people involved in the conversation, your screens will be shared!

Using Screen Sharing Features

Once both parties have accepted the request for screen sharing, there are some great features available that make it easier than ever before for remote collaboration. The most basic function is simply seeing what someone else is doing in real-time—this can be especially helpful when teaching someone how to use their device or using two devices side by side for a project—but there are other functions as well. For example, if both parties have FaceTime active during screen sharing then they can also video chat while collaborating remotely! Additionally, those involved can quickly switch between devices without having disconnecting from the session; this makes multitasking incredibly easy and efficient when working together remotely.


Screen sharing with iOS 15 is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you collaborate more efficiently than ever before! Whether you’re trying to teach someone something on their device or working together on a project remotely, iOS 15 makes it easy to share screens between multiple devices without any hassle. By following these steps and utilizing all of its features correctly, remote collaboration just got even easier!

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