How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 11?

Taking a screenshot can be one of the most helpful tools for anyone who uses Windows 11. It is an easy way to save and share pieces of information in a fast and efficient manner. Whether you are a new or an experienced user, we will guide you through the steps of taking a screenshot on Windows 11. Learn How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 11?

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 11?

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 11?

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 11

The process for taking screenshots on Windows 11 involves two methods: using the Print Screen button or using the Snipping Tool. Let’s explore each method in turn.

Method 1: Using the Print Screen Button

The first method is done by using the keyboard’s Print Screen button (PrtScn). To take a screenshot of your entire screen, simply press PrtScn, which will capture your screen as an image file and store it your computer’s clipboard. To access the file, open Paint or any other image editor and paste (Ctrl + V) the picture onto its canvas. From there, you can add annotations, draw arrows or boxes around important details, crop sections out of the picture to make them easier to see, and save it as an image file (.png or .jpg).

Method 2: Using the Snipping Tool

The second method is by using Microsoft’s built-in snipping tool. This tool allows you to capture any part of your screen such as active windows, specific areas that you select, or full-screen snapshots. To use it, search for ‘Snipping Tool’ in Cortana’s search bar and launch the program from there. Once open, click on ‘New’ and then select either ‘Rectangular Snip’, ‘Window snip’ or ‘Full-screen snip’ depending on what type of snapshot you want to take. Once selected, click anywhere outside of the Snipping Tool window to begin capturing your desired area; then just drag across with your mouse cursor to draw out a rectangle over whatever part of your screen you would like included in your screenshot before releasing it again. After this step has been completed, save your screenshot as an image file (.png or .jpg).


Taking screenshots with Windows 11 can be done quickly and easily whether you choose Method 1 (using Print Screen) or Method 2 (using Microsoft’s built-in Snipping Tool). Both methods require minimal effort but yield maximum results when used correctly; so don’t hesitate—take advantage of these great tools today!

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