How to Update to Ios 13?

iOS 13 is the newest operating system from Apple, and brings a lot of exciting new features and improvements. From Dark Mode to better performance, it’s an upgrade you won’t want to miss out on. But how do you update your iPhone to iOS 13? Don’t worry – we’ve got all the steps you need in this easy guide. learn How to Update to Ios 13?


How to Update to Ios 13?

Step 1: Ensure You Device is Compatible

Before you begin updating, make sure your device is compatible with iOS 13. Here are the devices that can run the newest version of Apple’s operating system: iphone SE, 6s or later; iPad Pro; iPad Air 2 or newer; iPad Mini 4 or newer; iPod Touch (7th generation). If your device isn’t one of these models, then unfortunately it won’t be able to run iOS 13.

Step 2: Back Up Your Data

It’s important to back up any data on your phone before upgrading its operating system, just in case anything goes wrong during the process. To back up your iPhone data, plug it into a computer with iTunes installed and select “Back up now” under Summary in the side menu bar. Alternatively, you can use iCloud to back up your data by going into Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Backup > Backup Now.

Step 3: Download and Install iOS 13                                                                                                                                           

If your device is compatible with iOS13 and your data is backed up, then it’s time to start downloading! Go into Settings > General > Software Update and wait for the download window to appear – if there’s an update available for download, then tap “Download and Install” in that window. The download may take some time depending on how many updates there are available, so be patient! After the download completes and installs itself automatically, your iPhone should be updated with iOS 13!


Upgrading your iPhone’s operating system has never been easier – just follow these three simple steps and you’ll have iOS13 installed in no time! As long as you make sure that your device is compatible with this version of Apple’s OS first, back up any important data prior to installation, and follow instructions carefully when downloading and installing updates from Settings > General > Software Update ,then upgrading should go off without a hitch! Good luck with updating!

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