What are the 5 types of Golf Shots?

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, it is essential to understand the five different types of golf shots and how to execute them. Each type of shot serves a different purpose on the golf course, and understanding when and how to use each shot will help you get your ball closer to the hole in fewer strokes. Let’s take a look at the five types of golf shots.

What are the 5 types of Golf Shots?

The Drive Shot

The drive shot is one of the most important golf shots because it sets up your approach shots. This shot requires you to hit your driver off the tee box in order to get as much distance as possible. You want the ball to go as far as possible, without going into any hazards, so that you have a shorter approach shot into the green. It’s important to practice this shot so that you can hit it straight and far every time.

The Approach Shot

The approach shot is used for getting onto the green from farther away than what your putter would allow. Generally, this type of shot is done with either an iron or a wood depending on how far away from the green you are. You want this ball to land on the green, so make sure you practice using these clubs until you can consistently hit them where you want them to go.

The Chip Shot

A chip shot is used when there isn’t enough room between your ball and the hole for an approach shot but not close enough that you can just putt it in. A chip uses less force than an approach or drive, so it’s important to practice your technique before hitting one during a round of golf. When executing a chip shot, aim at a spot between yourself and where your ball lies then strike down on top of it with controlled force, this should cause it to roll out nicely onto the green towards its target.

The Pitch Shot

Similar to a chip, a pitch is another type of short game golf shot used when there isn’t enough room between your ball and hole for an approach but more room than what would be necessary for just putting it in. The pitch requires more force than chipping because it goes further away from yourself but still lands on the green near its target; most players use their wedges for this type of golf shot since their higher loft makes them easier to control over longer distances.

The Putt Shot

This type of golf shot is used once you are already on or near the green; think about when playing mini-golf! A putt requires very little force since all that needs to happen is for your ball to roll along with gravity towards its target (which should be marked by either yourself or other players). Make sure that when executing putts, they do not go too fast otherwise they might veer off course due to uneven terrain or slopes. Just like all other types of golf shots, practicing putting will help improve accuracy and consistency with this type too.


Knowing which types of shots are available in any given situation will give even new players an edge over those who don’t understand how each works and how best utilize them. Developing proficiency with each type takes time but patience pays off – mastering all five types allows even novice players become true pros at golf! With some practice, dedication and knowledge about these five different types of shots, anyone can become an expert golfer quickly, good luck out there.

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