What Channel is Golf on?

The PGA Tour, European Tour, and other golf tournaments are some of the most popular sports events around the world. Whether you’re a dedicated fan or just looking to watch an occasional game, it can be tricky to figure out which channel airs your favorite golf competition. In this blog post, we’ll explain where you can find golf on TV so you never miss a tournament. Learn What Channel is Golf on?


What Channel is Golf on?

ABC and NBC Sports Networks

The ABC network and NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) both offer extensive coverage of professional golf tournaments in the United States. This includes the PGA Tour, Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup, Walker Cup, US Open Championship, US Senior Open Championship, and US Women’s Open Championship among others. If you want to watch these tournaments live on TV then ABC or NBCSN should be your go-to channels.

Golf Channel

For those who want even more coverage of their favorite sport – or for those who prefer watching pre-taped events – then the Golf Channel is your best bet. The Golf Channel broadcasts pre-recorded events from the PGA Tour as well as exclusive content such as interviews with players and analysis from experts in the golf world. Additionally, they often replay past tournaments which makes them a great resource for catching up on recent competitions that you may have missed.

Pay Per View Channels

If you want access to even more exclusive content then there are several pay per view channels that offer additional coverage of professional golf tournaments. These include Sky Sports Golf (UK), ESPN3 (USA), and Sky Sports Main Event (Ireland). All of these channels offer full coverage of major tournaments including The Masters and The Open Championship plus many more smaller competitions.


Now that you know where to find golf on TV, all that’s left is tuning in during tournament season! With ABC and NBCSN offering comprehensive live coverage plus the Golf Channel for extra insight into your favorite players and teams – there’s no excuse for missing any golf action! So make sure to get your fill of top-level play by tuning into these networks during tournament season!

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