What is a Bogey in Golf?

For golfers of all levels, understanding the basic rules and definitions of the game is essential. One term that you’ll hear on the golf course frequently is bogey. If you’re new to golf, it may be confusing to understand what this term means and why it matters. Let’s break down why a bogey is important for your game and how it can help you track your progress as a golfer. Learn What is a Bogey in Golf?


What is a Bogey in Golf?

What is a Bogey?

A bogey is one stroke over par for a given hole. Par is the number of strokes expected from an expert golfer to complete any given hole. Depending on the difficulty of the hole, par can range from three (par 3) to five (par 5). For instance, if you hit your approach shot onto an elevated green with the pin tucked behind a bunker, it would likely be considered a difficult hole and have a par rating of 4 or 5 — depending on its length — while an easy hole might be considered a par 3.

Why Does Bogey Matter?

Bogeys are important because they help golfers track their progress as they play through 18 holes. Your score at the end of each round will tell you whether or not you had more bogeys than pars or vice versa — which can give you an idea of how well you played that day. Additionally, tracking your bogeys per round will also give you an indication as to how well you are improving over time and where there may be room for improvement in your game.

Additionally, some golfers like to compete against themselves by playing “bogey golf”—where every score must be equal to or less than one-over-par for each hole played—which can help identify weaknesses and focus certain areas like putting or driving accuracy if players are having trouble shooting low scores consistently. Furthermore, many clubs use bogeys as part of their handicap systems which allows players with different skill levels to compete against each other on even footing by giving them either bonus strokes or discounted scores depending on their handicaps in order to reduce discrepancies between high-level golfers and those who have just started playing recently.


A bogey is one stroke over par for any given hole and understanding what this means is key for new golfers looking to improve their games. By tracking your bogeys throughout rounds of golf, you will gain insight into where there may be room for improvement in your game so that you can start lowering your overall scorecard numbers over time! Additionally, knowing when it’s appropriate to shoot for a “bogey-only” score during practice rounds can help provide direction when trying to tackle specific areas like driving accuracy or putting consistency that need attention in order for players to reach their goals out on the course!

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