What is a Eagle in Golf?

An eagle is one of the rarest and most exciting scores a golfer can make. But what does it mean to “eagle” a hole, and how does it compare to other scores in the game? Let’s take a look at what an eagle is and how it can affect your golf game. Learn What is a Eagle in Golf?


What is a Eagle in Golf?

An eagle, which is also referred to as a two-under-par score, occurs when a golfer takes only two strokes to complete a single hole. This means that if the par for the hole is four, then an eagle will occur when the player completes it in two strokes. Generally, this will require either a long drive followed by an accurate approach shot or an incredibly accurate tee shot that rolls straight into the cup.

Eagles are rare occurrences in golf since they require both accuracy and distance to achieve. In addition, eagles are more likely to occur on par fours than par threes since there is more room for error on longer holes. While eagles are not as common as birdies or bogeys, they can still be achieved by players with any level of skill or experience.

Eagles have several advantages over other scores in golf. For one thing, they can significantly lower your overall scorecard if you manage to string together multiple eagles throughout your round. This can help move you up leaderboards or put you ahead of opponents during tournaments and competitions. Additionally, achieving an eagle gives golfers an immense sense of satisfaction since they have done something that few other players could accomplish on the same hole.


An eagle is one of the most coveted scores in golf because it requires both accuracy and distance in order to achieve it. Although eagles are relatively rare occurrences compared to other scores like birdies or bogeys, they can still be achieved by players with any level of skill or experience – making them all the more rewarding when achieved! Eagles provide several benefits for golfers such as lowering their overall scorecard and providing a sense of accomplishment after completing such a difficult task on a single hole! If you’re looking for ways to improve your game, consider working towards achieving more eagles!

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