What is a Good Golf Score?

When it comes to golf, understanding how to score is key. A good golf score can be the difference between winning and losing or between having an enjoyable day on the course or feeling frustrated. But with so many different factors and levels of skill in play, what exactly constitutes a “good” golf score? Let’s break it down. Learn What is a Good Golf Score?


What is a Good Golf Score?

Scoring Overview

Golfers use a system known as Stableford Scoring, which assigns points based on the number of strokes taken on each hole. For example, if a golfer takes 6 strokes on the first hole, they will receive 2 points (1 for each stroke below par), while if they take 8 strokes, they will receive no points for that hole. This scoring method has been adopted by many of the major professional tours around the world since its introduction in 1896.

The Average Golfer

The average golfer shoots somewhere around 100 strokes over 18 holes—or roughly 5-6 over par. However, this figure can vary greatly depending on the difficulty of the course and other factors such as weather conditions and even luck. Generally speaking, a score of 90 or less would be considered “good” for an average golfer, while anything below 80 would be considered “very good”.

The Professional Golfer

Professional golfers are expected to shoot much lower scores than amateur players due to their superior skill level and experience. For example, on the PGA Tour (the highest level of professional golf) the average score is approximately 72-73 strokes over 18 holes—or about 1-2 under par—which would equate to 28-30 points in Stableford scoring terms. This means that anything above 30 points would generally be considered “good” by professional standards, while anything below 25 would be considered “very good” .


In conclusion, when it comes to determining what constitutes a good golf score there is no one-size-fits-all answer; it depends largely on individual skill levels and expectations. For amateur players shooting 90 or better is generally seen as being good while shooting 80 or better is seen as being very good; conversely for professionals shooting 30 points or more is generally seen as being good while 25 points or less is seen as being very good. At any rate one thing remains constant—practice makes perfect! So get out there and hit some balls!

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