What is the Most Playoff Holes in Golf?

The game of golf is full of exciting moments and thrilling competitions, but none more so than a playoff. Whether it’s a single-elimination match play or a sudden death shootout, the pressure of the extra holes can be intense. But just how many playoff holes can there be? Let’s find out! Learn What is the Most Playoff Holes in Golf?


What is the Most Playoff Holes in Golf?

The most common form of golf playoffs are sudden death shootouts, where two players compete head-to-head until one player outplays the other. The PGA Tour uses this format for its playoffs, and it generally takes only one hole to determine the winner. However, if both players remain tied after 18 holes, the shootout moves to an additional hole until someone wins. This means that the maximum number of playoff holes is 19.

In some cases, tournaments use match play instead of a sudden death shootout. Match play is when players take turns playing against each other over multiple holes until one player has won more holes than the other. This type of tournament usually requires more than one round and can have as many as 36 total playoff holes before a winner is determined.

Finally, tournaments may also opt for stroke play playoffs, which consists of multiple rounds on the same course with an individual player eliminating opponents one by one through their scorecard total. Generally speaking, these types of playoffs last three rounds or 54 total holes before a winner emerges.


Overall, the maximum number of playoff holes in golf varies depending on the tournament format being used. Sudden death shootouts typically last no longer than 19 holes while match play and stroke play tournaments could go as long as 54 or even 72 total playoff holes respectively before either a single-player or team winner emerges victorious! No matter how long they take though, golf playoffs are always full of excitement and drama that keeps us coming back for more!

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