What Kind of Room Has No Doors or Windows?

Have you ever heard the riddle that asks, “What kind of room has no doors or windows?” It’s an interesting question and one with a surprising answer. In this blog post, we’ll explore the answer to this riddle and why it is so mind-boggling. Learn What Kind of Room Has No Doors or Windows?

What Kind of Room Has No Doors or Windows?

What Kind of Room Has No Doors or Windows?

The Answer to the Riddle

The answer to this riddle is a mushroom! Although this answer may seem strange at first, there is actually scientific reasoning behind it. A mushroom has no doors or windows because it grows underground and creates its own food through photosynthesis. This means that mushrooms don’t need light from outside sources in order to survive.

This type of photosynthesis is known as mycological photosynthesis. Mycology is the study of fungi—which includes mushrooms—and mycological photosynthesis is essentially how mushrooms make food for themselves without needing sunlight. They absorb energy from decaying organic matter, such as dead leaves, soil, and rotting wood, which provide them with the necessary nutrients for growth and survival.

Mycological Photosynthesis Explained

Mycological photosynthesis works differently than other forms of photosynthesis; instead of using sunlight as its energy source, it uses energy from decaying organic matter. The process begins when the fungus absorbs important nutrients from decaying matter—such as nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium—and converts them into glucose molecules using enzymes contained within its cells. These glucose molecules are then used to create proteins and fats for use in growth and other cell activities.


We hope you enjoyed learning about mycological photosynthesis! It’s fascinating to see how some organisms can survive without needing resources that many other living things require in order to survive—such as sunlight or oxygen. Although mushrooms don’t have doors or windows like we do, they still manage to thrive thanks to their unique ability to make food for themselves without relying on outside resources for sustenance!

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