What Subdivision is Usa Women’s Gymnastics?

Women’s gymnastics is a broad term, and there are several subdivisions that fall under it. Depending on the level of competition and age of the competitors, certain rules and regulations apply. Let’s dive into what each division of women’s gymnastics in the USA includes. Learn What Subdivision is Usa Women’s Gymnastics?

What Subdivision is Usa Women's Gymnastics?
What Subdivision is Usa Women’s Gymnastics?

What Subdivision is Usa Women’s Gymnastics?

USA Gymnastics Levels 2-10

The first division is USA Gymnastics levels 2-10. This subdivision is used for both competitive gymnasts and recreational participants. It is split into ten different levels from beginner to advanced. Each level contains specific skills that must be mastered before advancing to the next one. The following list outlines these requirements:

  • Level 2: Forward rolls, backbends, round offs, handstands, cartwheels, pullovers on bars, press handstands on beam, basic jumps on floor
  • Level 3: Back handsprings with spotter assistance, kips on bars, front landings off beam dismounts
  •  Level 4: Front handsprings without spotter assistance •
  • Level 5: Cartwheel mount onto beam
  • Level 6: Front tucks off low bar on beam   •
  • Level 7: Straddle back tuck dismount from beam
  • Level 8: Back layout series across floor   • Level 9: Handspring vault with twist
  • Level 10: Full-twisting double layout dismount from high bar

NCAA Division 1 College Gymnastics

The second division is NCAA Division 1 college gymnastics. This division includes women who compete at the collegiate level for universities or colleges in the United States. At this level of competition athletes must be able to perform more difficult skills than those required at lower levels such as a full twisting double back dismount from high bar or a triple full on floor exercise. These athletes have already achieved elite status and have been competing in higher levels for many years leading up to their college careers.


Whether you’re an aspiring Olympic-level athlete or just starting out in your gymnastics career, there are divisions available to meet your needs! USA Gymnastic levels 2-10 provides a great foundation for recreational participants while NCAA Division 1 College Gymnastics offers more advanced skills for those looking to compete at a higher level of competition. No matter which division you choose to pursue, you can rest assured knowing that all of them provide quality learning experiences—and plenty of fun along the way!

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