Where Did Golf Originate?

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. With its origins shrouded in mystery, many have tried to solve the puzzle of where exactly golf came from. To understand this centuries-old game, it’s important to trace its roots, which can provide us with a greater appreciation for golf today. Learn Where Did Golf Originate?


Where Did Golf Originate?

The Ancient Game of “Kolven”

The earliest known reference to golf comes from a 14th century account by Scottish historian John Mair. In his book, Mair mentions a game called “kolven” that was played by Dutch soldiers in what is now Belgium during the late 13th century. The game was similar to modern-day golf and involved hitting a ball with a club towards a target. While there are no records of this game being played outside of Belgium, it is likely that kolven spread throughout Europe as soldiers returned home from their campaigns abroad.

Early Forms of Golf in Scotland

It wasn’t until the 15th century that we start hearing about golf being played regularly in Scotland. At this point, there were several different variations of the sport all across Britain and mainland Europe – some used sticks to hit balls made out of wood or leather-filled cloth while others used clubs to hit stones towards targets. These early forms of golf were widely popular among both royalty and commoners alike, with some inventing their own rules for how the sport should be played.

Modernization and Growth         By the 16th century, golf had become so popular that it threatened other sports such as archery and was even banned by King James II for two decades due to its potential danger! Despite this setback, golf continued to grow in popularity throughout Europe and eventually made its way across the pond to America during the 19th century where it gained even more traction among wealthy country club members. This growth eventually led to professional leagues forming worldwide and an explosion in interest around the sport – making it into one of today’s most beloved pastimes!


From humble beginnings as an obscure Dutch pastime to becoming one of today’s most beloved sports throughout the world – tracing back through history reveals just how far golf has come over time! It’s incredible how much impact one small game has had on society over hundreds of years – inspiring millions along the way. Whether you’re a beginner or pro golfer, understanding where this great sport originated can help you appreciate your passion for this ancient activity even more!

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