Who Invented the Vacuum Cleaner in 1868??

For centuries, people have attempted to create ways to make cleaning easier. Today, we are able to do this with the invention of vacuum cleaners. But who was the inventor responsible for creating such an important device? The answer is Hubert Cecil Booth and his patented vacuum cleaner in 1868. Let’s take a closer look at the history of vacuum cleaners and how they have changed our lives. Learn Who Invented the Vacuum Cleaner in 1868??

Who Invented the Vacuum Cleaner in 1868??

Who Invented the Vacuum Cleaner in 1868??

Hubert Cecil Booth and His Invention

Hubert Cecil Booth was born in Gloucester, England in 1871. He was a mechanical engineer whose inventions focused on transportation and public works projects. In 1901, he invented the first motorized vacuum cleaner which he called the “Puffing Billy”. It was powered by an internal combustion engine and used suction to clean carpets, rugs, and furniture. The Puffing Billy was extremely heavy and loud due to its gasoline-powered motor; therefore, it had limited success as it could only be operated outdoors or outside a building.

The Electric Vacuum Cleaner

It wasn’t until 1906 that a more efficient version of the vacuum cleaner was created by American janitor James Murray Spangler. Spangler’s electric vacuum cleaner used a fan instead of an internal combustion engine and could be used indoors without disturbing anyone due to its quiet operation. This new design soon caught on with other companies such as Hoover who would go on to dominate the industry with their iconic brand name vacuum cleaners throughout the 20th century.

Modern Vacuum Cleaners

Today, there are many types of modern vacuums including upright vacuums, canister vacuums, robotic vacuums, handheld vacuums, and even central vacuums which require professional installation in homes or businesses. All of these products use powerful motors and suction technology developed over more than 150 years ago when Hubert Cecil Booth invented his first motorized vacuum cleaner in 1868!


Vacuum cleaners are one of those inventions that we sometimes take for granted but which dramatically improve our quality of life every day by making cleaning faster and easier than ever before! It all started in 1868 with Hubert Cecil Booth’s invention of the first motorized vacuum cleaner—the Puffing Billy—and has since evolved into the powerful machines we use today thanks to James Murray Spangler’s electric version which paved the way for modern-day vacuums like those offered by Hoover that have become household staples around the world! Thanks to these inventors we now enjoy much cleaner homes without having to spend hours scrubbing away dirt manually!

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