Who Won the Valspar Golf Tournament 2022?

Last Sunday, the highly anticipated Valspar Golf Tournament concluded with an exciting final round of golf. After four days of intense competition, a champion was finally crowned! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how the tournament played out and how the winner managed to come out on top. Learn Who Won the Valspar Golf Tournament 2022?


Who Won the Valspar Golf Tournament 2022?

The tournament kicked off on Thursday with a strong field of contenders. Round one saw some impressive scores from both veterans and newcomers alike, setting up an exciting weekend ahead. On Friday, the competition only heated up as the players battled for position in their respective flights. After two rounds, it was clear that the championship would be decided by just a few strokes.

Saturday’s third round solidified the leaderboard and gave us a good idea of who would be challenging for the title on Sunday. The man at the top of the leaderboard was Kevin Na, who entered Sunday with a three-stroke lead over his nearest competitor. Na had been playing steady golf all week, and it looked like he might have already sealed victory by this point. However, anything can happen in golf and Na still had to play his best game on Sunday if he wanted to walk away with the trophy.

Sure enough, Na did just that! He put together an incredible final round performance to win by five strokes over Rickie Fowler and secure his first Valspar Championship victory! His consistency throughout all four rounds was key to his success—he finished no lower than fourth place in any single round—and he is now looking forward to taking home the trophy and celebrating with family and friends.


Congratulations to Kevin Na for winning this year’s Valspar Golf Tournament! It was truly an impressive performance from start to finish by Na who never wavered even when faced with tough competition from some of golf’s top players. We can’t wait to see what other great feats he achieves in his career! For golf fans everywhere, this tournament has been nothing short of thrilling and we can’t wait for more exciting tournaments like these in future years. Congratulations again to Kevin Na – you are truly deserving of your title as champion!

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